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Black Screen. Preloader Installed. BootMii as IOS (have nand backup).

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When I boot up my Wii it will load my legit wii sports which is inserted, but if no disc is inserted then I get a black screen that says 4.1U in the corner. If I return to the menu from wii sports then I Get the black screen again

I got this from not checking the serial number on my wii. I have an LU65* Wii and followed this guide (after the 4.1 Softmod guide)

Does a remedy exist for my type of semi-brick? What is this refered to as?

So, I went up to and including step 5.
I was able to get the preloader menu to show up when I hold the reset button, get into the homebrew channel and then get into BootMii. However, BootMii will not restore my nand as it gives me an error:
"BootMii not found, too dangerous to continue! If your SD is corrupt or restore is interrupted, you will be unable to boot to fix it."

Any suggestions?

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Oh, and I went up to and including step 5.
Is there any credibility to this?

I couldn't find any info on unbrickmii on this site.

I was looking at this video, but I'm skeptical if this will work. It looks like he sort of downgrades the system menu. I was also reading around and that this is not possible with the LU65, which is what caused my wii to brick (not 100% sure on how it all works). Would doing what he does in the vid here have an effect on the LU65?
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