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Cannot get Madden 10 to work...Ugh....

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Hey Everyone:

I have an NTSC 3.3u Wii with d2Pro9, HomeBrew, rev14, and USB Loader GX. My Wii would not recognize the Madden 10 disc backup when I put it in. Then, I transferred the game onto the hard drive from my PC using WBFS. The game loads only as far as the screen telling me to put the Wii remote strap around my wrist. Then the screen goes black and the TV says there's no connection. I've messed with the USB Loader settings and cannot get any combination to work. I've scoured the forums and can't find any assistance. Any help is greatly appreciated!
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I actually got mine to load and run but after 2 minutes it freezes I asked around and got no help on the matter so I just deleted it. This and Deca Sports 2 and Sonic Unleashed are the only games I have had any problems with.
Yeah, pretty much any question I ask on this site gets ignored. Wondering why I even try! :-)
get a real copy of madden, and install the updates. sticking to 3.3 was a bad idea.

ps2: v7 scph-39001 - independence exploit - hdloader 0.8c - maxtor 300gb hdd
(+[__]%) psp slim ta-085v1: 6.60 PRO B10
wii (powered by bootmii/priiloader): 4.1u - d2x v10beta53-alt (base 56) - configurable usb loader v70r51/devolution r188 - wd scorpio black 7200rpm 320gig w/ ams venus ds2 enclosure

got a whole lot more to list . . .
@ FrogStool,

Have you tried booting the game using other means like Neogamma R8? I can play the game directly from the disc channel and through Neogamma. However, I am on FW 4.1U and most likely have a completely different set of IOSes installed. Also, you can try patching the ISO file update (if there is one) using WiiBlocker first before burning.

EDIT: Link to BrickBlocker.
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Thanks guys, but nothing has worked so far. I've tried using NeoGamma 8 and it does the same thing each time, both through the disc and usb.

In terms of updating to something above 3.3u, I guess I've just been adhering to the majority of people saying to not update if you don't have to. It sounds to me that the benefits don't outweigh the risk of bricking.
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