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Does Darkcorp 1.1 work with 4.3 System Menu?

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I have a softmodded 4.3 and I can't get the disc channel to load backups at all. The wii plays games off usb just fine through any loader but I really need to get the disc channel working. You don't think it has anything to do with 4.3 do you?

(By the way, it's not a virgin 4.3. It started out as a 4.1u and then the guy upgraded his wii to 4.3u before bringing it to me to mod)
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Newer model wiis don't load backup DVD-R's at all.
Originally posted by 12137:
Newer model wiis don't load backup DVD-R's at all.
Ok. thanks man. Is there a program that I can run that tells me if this is too new to read dvd-r's?
No, but you usually can tell by the serial number or something. When you did you buy the unit?
yes it does darkcorp 1.1 works great on a 4.3 menu i have it installed on mine and it works with most ntsc games havent had any luck with pal but i also run neogamma off sd card with homebrew channel
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