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Having issues with neogamma r9 b50 d2x56v6 249/GCBL v.02 wont load gamecube backups.

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I am having an issue as of recently since I revirgined my 2007 4.1U wii. I was able to play gc backups including multi iso gc backups as well. I re-softmodded my wii using the modmii program so I could have the latest ios's and patches. Now I am having issues with playing gc backups. I have searched online to try to find a solution and everyone/site etc... give a million and one ways to do 1 thing. Thing is alot of them make assumption or leave out certain aspects/steps in assuming the user knows a step or a step should be known without saying.

Whenever I try to use neogamma I recieve a (03023a00) disc id, drive too new for DVD-R's error. Thing is before virgining my wii and updating by re-softmodding the systems, my gc backups worked fine. When i use gcbl v.02 i get a DVD 263 error.
I installed; installer for wiigators cMIOS on ios 36 and installed mios v.10 patched. for homebrew and backups on revision 65535.

To sum things up I basically just want my 2007 wii (btw can read backup disc, and it shows that dvdx is infact installed) to be able to play backups again. I mean i like using the usb for my wii games, but for the gamecube since you cannot use usb i cannot play any of my games.

I also saw the twilight versions and the versions that require a memory card etc.. Thing is I dont own a copy of twlight nor a gamecube memory card, and before i revirgined my wii. I had gcbl working fine and I never set it up using either one of those methods.

I'll post my syschex hoping someone may be able to spot the problem and help me resolve this issue if needed.
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How did you softmod your wii?"?
You shouldn't have to use neogamma to load cube games at all.
I just insert the DVD and click on the gamecube channel and it loads.
Even words by having multiple games on 1 DVD.
sounds like you have to conflicting mods installed.

if you did this you are screwed because in order to get rid of completely the other mod you need to delete all modded files out of system memory which you cant do now.
i used to have neogamma and HBC installed on my wii, then the games stopped loading saying that an error occur i then deleted the HBC and neogamma thinking it was easy to get it back' been reading a lot of stuff about softmodding dont really know how to get the neogamma back. can some1 plz help me.
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