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How Do I Get Neogamma Onto My Wii?

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Hi I'm having trouble installing Neogamma on my wii in order to play games.

I've been trying to install a Wad manager to my Wii since it seems I need it to install Neogamma (Right now, I have a wad file called: NeoGamma R9 Beta 50 - NGBT.wad and from what I know, I need a wad manager to install this). But I'm having trouble with getting Wad manager to work.

My Wii is 3 years old and currently has 4.3E firmware. I also got the homebrew channel on my wii already.

Could someone show me how to install the Wad manager. Or show me a different way of installing Neogamma?
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What cios's have you installed?

Update your wii using modmii (google)
Run it on your PC and you will get everything you need and a guide
Follow the guide from after the installation of the homebrew chanel
Then used Multi mod manager (inc in the modmii download) or wad manager to install neogamma

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I've successfully installed Neogamma thanks to modmii. And the burnt games are working on my wii.

Thank you so much for the help.

Just one last question though. Does it matter or not if the game is PAL or NTSC? As in, am I able to play both using Neogamma or only one (in my case, only PAL)?
Not sure on this, the wii lost the ability to play out of region games from discs with the 4.2 update, I do not know if neogamma bypasses this, but from a hard drive it makes no difference.

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You will be able to play other region games, the only downside is that from time to time you will need to mess around with PAL or NTSC or 480i and so on on the settings of Neogamma. As some games will beed to be forced to load like this either on PAL or NTSC, but depending on your TV, it might just work normally.

This is one of the reasons you should forget Neogamma and DVDs and move onto running games of a HDD and using USB loader GX or USB Loader Confg.
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