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How do I know if I have BOOTMii

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Long time ago when I was on version 3.4U I installed the Homebrew channel with the Zelda Hack, along with few other apps.

Now after 8 months I got my Wii out and upgraded to 4.1U. The homebrew and all otehr apps are working fine.

I discovered that I can play my games through my external USB hardrive. I followed the simple guides online and managed to get it work. Love the feature.

My question is I dont remember if I ever installed BootMii or ever used it. So if someone can help me identify how to check if I have installed it and then how to use it.

If I dont have it, then is it safe to install it now as I have gone through many steps to get here.

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Run the installer, it will either give you the option to install it or uninstall it (obviously if it gives you the option of uninstalling it then you already have it.) And yes, it's safe to install now if you don't already have it. I'd recommend making a backup of your NAND if you can get it installed.
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Thanks ih4553.
Doenloaded the latest hackmii and installed the BootMii with the Boot2 options. Shame the wiimote doesnt work with it. But I am happy to make my first backup.
No problem, glad it worked out for you.

I'd recommend keeping a copy on your pc and also burning a copy to disc and putting it in a safe place. You don't want to rely on just 1 copy of it in case something happens! Personally I have a copy on 2 separate computers, a disc and an external hard drive! :)
I have already copied it to my pc and backup drive.

The only thing is that I have done so much with the wii and just now made a backup. I should have made one when it was a virgin. Hope this is gonna be fine
The guide actually recommends installing Bootmii pretty much last... apparently it has been known to interfere with the other steps, but I'm not sure. Anyway, you have a backup of a good/working NAND, that's your main concern.
Thanks for your help
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