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My wii won't pick up my wii remote. Help please!!!

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I have a soft modded wii with backup launcher and the homebrew channel. I went to the wii shop channel and it asked me to update so I did and ever since, I can't use my wii remote. the remote can cut the system on or off but when it comes on it doesn't show up. any ideas on how to fix this?
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Sounds like a sensor bar issue.

Make sure it is plugged in (If you have a wireless sensor bar make sure it is turned on and the batteries are not dead).

Make sure you have it in front of the WiiMote.

Get closer to the senor bar and see if it will pock it up. If it does then go into settings and adjust the sensor bar sensitivity.

If you still have issues then you may need a new sensor bar.

But I am also sorry to tell you updating to the new shop channel probably screwed up your softmod also.
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