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New Super Mario Bros on WiiKey

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I've been reading a lot of posts in the last few days, looking for something to help me on my current struggle to make New Super Mario Bros work. I recently got a Wii with wiikey but I have no idea what its firmware version is - it's at least 1.9g, given that Mario Galaxy runs. I suspect it's a clone chip, because I get that "Test Failed. Check your connections and try again" on running both 1.9s and 1.99 update discs

I already tried the patched and the non patched NSMB discs - the former goes to black screen after some minutes and the latter causes an error as soon as it's inserted in the drive

After all, is there any way to run NSMB with wiikey in a firmware older that 1.99 ? One more thing: wii system menu version is 4.3

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You need the 1.99beta to run NSMB

But you could softmod your wii, and then run NSMB with neogamma or USBLoader GX, or CFG-Loader

If you need help to softmod your Wii, I recommend to use Modmii

It has a wizard to help you along, and will print out your instructions on how to softmod.
And if your not sure, you can always post your questions there and Xflak or someone will help you out.

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