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New Super Mario help?

I know that these questions about NSMBW have been asked a lot, and I've read all of them, but i just cant get it to work on my wii :/
I have a hardmoded wii (DriveKey) and my firmware is 4.2e...

So,i have a virgin, non-patched PAL iso burned to a dvd, i have gecko 1.92b and i have the SMNP01.GCT codes, but after i select "Launch game" the codes get applied and all, but after that i get a green screen for a moment and than my console restarts... :(

I used this same method before,and the game worked with no problems. By accident i started updating my wii,and canceled it in the middle of the update... maybe thats the problem?? please help me guys! please! :(
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