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no WBFS partition found

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I have taken the step of "trying" to soft mod a wii v4.2e it was going well ,went step by step with a "how to" guide ,my problem now is, i got a WD external passport and i had to convert it to fat 32 from ntfs , i did that with a prog. called "easeus partition master" .When i power on the wii i get the homebrew channel that gives me five choices :
1;multi mod manager, 2;uloader, 3;any title deleter mod, 4;dvd dumper and 5,yet another wad manager mod
my problem is i cant get any further the uloader programme wants to format the hard drive when i let it format i put the drive on my pc but that said i needed to format too i did that and now im back to square one , am i missing something ?

please help!


dreambox/t.v. remote codes(pg 35)
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If you let uLoader format the partition to WBFS this cannot be seem by your PC, download a program called wiibackup manager use this program to "see" the drive.

Alternatively use a different usb loader, CFG and GX are both great and work with Fat32 and NTFS partitions directly. Games need to be placed in a folder on the root of the drive called wbfs, wiibackup manager will convert your iso files to wbfs files and put them on the drive ready to use.
tnx for quick reply kittymat at the mo i'm workin but i'll
give it a go asap !!
hi kittymat,
i tried the gx loader and it worked fine so many thanks for your help.
could i ask you how do i create a channel (like wii flow)that when
selected would show all back-ups ,i have wii flow in a folder
on the ext. drive would i be better off putting it on the sd card?

again, many thanks!!
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dreambox/t.v. remote codes(pg 35)
Where you put the config files makes very little difference, I prefer the SD but that is because it works and so I have not changed it.

You need to get the forwarder, make sure that you have ios58 installed and download the forwarder (use google for "gx loader" and it will take you to the code page), the downloads has two types of forwarder, if you have ios58 get the one ABHOT enabled, if not get the other. Use wad manager or any other program to install it.
Hi Kittyman,
It seems to me that i have done something wrong while i was going through
the steps of the guide i went by because even though i can play back-ups
(thanks to you!) i can't launch bootmii (i need to back-up the wii)
or install wiiflow (i know you gave me a guide to that in your reply)my
question now is would it be safe to format my sd card and start again
probably with a different guide and set the wii up properly (and not
bother you too much!)


dreambox/t.v. remote codes(pg 35)
To launch bootmii you need the bootmii folder in the apps folder or press home in the Homebrew channel one of the selections is then bootmii, if you have installed it as Boot2 or an ios it should run. If it does not then run Hackmii again and install it as Boot2 if poss or an ios if not.

Wiiflow needs a folder in the apps folder with the boot.dol in it, then it should run from the homebrew channel.

I clear everything off the SD card after installation as I do not want the kids to mess it up. You need to keep files for GX and/or Wiiflow, everything else can be deleted (rename and move the Bootmii folder for later use in case of a brick - change it back to use it again)
Hi Kittymat
I got to back-up the wii so thanks for your help!
I also got to put the wiiflow into the HBC I'm having
a prob with that but I'll research a bit and see if i can
solve it myself!( I have asked enough of you ! )

thanks again
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