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PacMan Emulator Stumper...

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(this is a repost from a previus thread i started by, in case you;ve read this elsewere)

lets start off with the understanding that i do actually own the PCU boards for the following roms mentioned.

so, i inatalled mame on the wii (along with the pacman emulator app)On mame, 99% of my roms loaded up fine, but pacman crashed out (on both emulators) my pacman rom had 4 files in it (6e,6f,6j,6h,) I also have the pucman rom whch had 10 files in it. i tried both and no luck. Now i know these roms worked with an older version of mame that i had used on a pc. I did read somewhere that the pacman rom was supposed to have 8 files in it ( pacman.5e, pacman.5f, pacman.6e, pacman.6f, pacman.6h, pacman.6j, 82s123.7f, 82s126.4a.) Mine doesn't have the .5e.5f anf the other two but i am SURE it is the rom release in conjuction with the mame version of the mame emulator (which is the same as the pacman emulator)

Also, i made a zip with the 6 files (i thought i needed from both roms) and even tried luck

any suggestions would really be apprecaited on this one and it's been stumping me for awhile. i alos have the pacmanplus zip ifneeded ..but i can't get any of them to work...

If any opne could shed some light on this for me (or let know how to contact Kickflip to ask him) it would be mad appreciated

please help to bring Pacman alive on the WII !
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Bump ?
Play it on VC install the .wad with wad manager. You can find the .wad here
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that would be great but i gave the link a peek .,,and there was no vc console arcade wad for pac-man
anyone know if there is a version of this out there??

thanks again and this gives me hope!!
Sorry, I meant virtual console like NES, SNES, N64. I forgot about that crap VC Arcade stuff Nintendo has.

Also, I'm assuming you're on a US wii, these are all links to US .wads at the same link above just in the NES, SNES section.

You can get Pac-Man for NES .wad here.

Get Ms.Pac-Man for SNES .wad here.

Get Pac-Attack for SNES .wad(not sure wtf that is...) here.

Not exactly sure what you're looking for...hope this helps.
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Hey Wii's

Thank you for the info and the link to the wad webpage, it was actually very informative to me and help me out on the nect 'project' i was looking to start on (creating my own channels..or at least learning ho to add a channel)
as for the pcman issue, i actually got it figured out last night!!
in the pacman emulator, i was putting the zipped rom (in the rom folder) like you would do with mame. I actually needed to unzip the Rom and put the indiviual files into the rom folder. Now, i ad to use some rom files from rom and some fron the rom ...but in the end , i found the 8 files i needed and it booted right up. *

once again, thank you sir'
No problem, glad you got everything figured out. Any more questions feel free to ask!
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