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uloader without sd card

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hey everyone, is there a way i can put uloader as 1 of my wii channels so i dont have to start the hbc then uloader. thankyou for any advise
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Get a forwarder channel and install it with the wad installer. The forwarder will start whatever homebrew program is in the SD:\apps\USBLOADER folder. So just make sure uloader is in there.
hi again, im abit stuck (again) do i copy the usbforwarderwduslo.wad that i downloaded into the wad file on my sd card(there was no reed me with it). sorry for being dumb i have read up and the only guide i found was in spanish, i only managed to get where i am today because of the amazing guides on afterdawn. thank you for any help. xx
Yes. The wad goes in the wad folder, and then you install it with the wad manager in the homebrew channel.
hi penguin98, thanks for the rapid reply, its asking which ios version to use, is it ios249, sorry and many thankyous.xx

249 is generally the right one to use.
thanks alot penguin98, the channel is now on my wii menu, however when i press A on the channel it comes up black screen and at the very top it says WHAT?, any ideas. cheers
Make sure the uLoader boot.dol file is located in the directory of...


If it is not in that directory then the forwarder will not find the boot.dol to load. Also make sure the SD card is in the Wii.
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so i decided to delete the usb loader channel and do it again, on my pc i double clicked on uloader thats in my apps(from sd card) inside there is a boot.dol file so i coppied to my wad file, now my wad folder looks like this

ios60patched.wad wad file
neogammar7.wad wad file
usbloaderforwarderwduslo.wad wad file
boot.dol dol file

i did the wad install and the channel is on my wii again, but still black screen with the word what? written at the top again.
im not to sure about the directory and how to to put the boot.dol in there i tried draging it in but it just swaps places.
im so sorry for all the trouble i cause you (larrylje) and penguin98 and im still learning but i know 100 times more than i knew 3 months ago when i started all this as a complete %100 noob.
again many thanks for all your help. xx
Do this...

Place the boot.dol file back into the uloader folder. Now rename the uloader folder to USBLOADER and then it should work.

When runing the forwarder from the Wii menu it is looking for the directory of SD:/apps/USBLOADER/boot.dol to start the USB loader.

Since the folder is named uloader the forwarder can not find the boot.dol to load. So renaming the uloader folder to USBLOADER should fix the issue your having.
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yes that did the trick, amazing, now i can load my external hdd from the usb channel instead of going through the HBC. but is there a way of loading up my external hdd without my sd card in the wii, if not thanks anyway, like i said amazing and thank you very very much. xx

i guess what im asking is, is there a way to play my games of my external hdd without the sd card in my wii, or better still have each game on each channel on my wii, as im sure i seen a youtube vid where the guy had all his games in his channels, thankyou
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Depends on how you formated the USB Device. If you formated it WBFS then you can't. If you formated FAT32 or have a FATE32 partition on it then yes you can.

The CFG USB loader guide in my sig will let you load from USB without having to have a SD Card in the Wii.
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thanks larrylje, l will read up an ill have a serious think about changing to cfg, ive actually got the cfg channel on my wii but was struggling abit, and came across the uloader channel(by accident) with all my games there and i was over the moon. thanks for all your help. once again.
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