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WD Elements hard drive won't work

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Hello, I'd like to say great site, I've already got a lot of great information from here. I modded my wii with the 4.2 firmware softmod guide and have been using the cfg configurable usb loader for about a month with a sandisk cruzer 8gb flashdrive. So I decided to buy a hard drive and I went with the western digital elements 500gb hard drive wdbaar5000abk-00. I formatted it to fat32 like may sandisk is but when I try to start usb loader with it plugged in it just returns to the wii home menue. I also tried it with usb loader gx after formatting the drive with wbfs manager and it shows how much capacity the drive has but if I try to download a game to it the wii freezes. I am assuming all this means that the wii won't communicate with this drive for some reason but I wanted to check before I buy a different one to see if anyone knows what I might be doing wrong. Especially since this drive is on the usb device compatibility list as working in all three columns and tested twice. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Nevermind, I am an idiot. I didn't set up the folders correctly on the hard drive. It is working great now.
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