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Why can't USB Loader GX see games?

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So, I have just 2 games at the moment on my HDD, and WiiFlow can see the games just fine, but with USB Loader GX it doesn't see anything? It detects the HDD, but I'm just lost on what to do?

Do I have to put the games in a certain directory on the HDD, or can they just go on the root of the HDD?

I really want to get this working cause I really like USB Loader GX.


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They need to be in a folder named wbfs (no capitals)
and each game folder named in a certain format i.e
Block Party [RRTE52]

Wiibackupmanager will update the format of your game names, this format will work with all loaders, some loaders like wiiflow can cope with non standard naming

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Now kittymat, is there a way so that USB Loader GX can see the gamecube games that I have on the Hard Drive. Or do they have to be in a separate folder as well?
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They need to be in a folder named "games"
They also need to be named correctly depending what format you use (iso or extracted)

GX will only detect dios mios if you are using a Beta version (rev 1209 the latest)
Will Wii Backup Manager backup the GC Games into their directories?

No wiibackupmanager will only do wii games
Any recommendations for GC Games?

I have mine set up


This works, now a few more naming methods will work but I have used this since the start and cannot be bothered to change as it all works.

Your hard drive MUST be formatted to FAT32 (if partitioned the first partition must be FAT32 and set to primary), if needs to be formatted to 32kb clusters or less. Evan after this not all hard drives work with dios mios, and not all games work either.

For best results have a disc in the drive (any including a wii game will work), have a Gamecube memory card in slot 1 (nothing in slot 2).

Also see GC compatibility list

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