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Wii-u what you should know and what the big n isn't telling you

So here we go with all of these questions.

1. Do i have to have a internet connection to play my wii u out of the box

Answer: no you dont but the games will have glitches like in nintendo land where captain falcons race keeps asking to re-calibrate the controller also your wii backwards compatibility wont function as well until you do a system update.

2. it says i need a external hard drive which ones work???

There is a list at

which is getting updated constantly and hopefully more users can answer this as they have tested more

3. how long does the gamepad controller really last:

3 1/2 to 4 hours if your lucky while playing nintendo land mine went only 3 hours before needing to be plugged in

4. Do i need to use the transfer utility on the wii to transfer my data

Answer: Don't once your data is transfered from the wii to the wii-u you can no longer get it off of the console it becomes perma locked to the wii u

5. can i use the settings and transfer wizard on a hacked wii

Answer: no it verifies the data online now

6. is there any bug that is a constant annoyance

Answer: yes it loses sync with the wii remotes during loading times of games

if there are more questions please post here
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