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Wii are not having fun right now.

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I am currently running Wii 4.3U. I tried to download a netflix channel and said i needed to update wii shop channel. So, I did.

All my homebrew channels extensions are working just fine, FCU ultra GC, SNS, GBA, and Sega, but my USB Loader GX isn't working anymore.

Can you please give me some tips as to how to fix this so I can play my legally obtained games from my EHDD through USB LGX, please and thank you!

this is driving me mad!


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Updates remove the cios's that are needed to run USB loaders.

Google modmii, run it on a pc and it will download everything you need inc a guide.

As you have the homebrew chanel, start the guide from after this and once completed everything should be restored

For All Flashcart Firmware Updates
Sakura for the M3Real - Amazing Firmware
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