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Wii softmodding issue, need help please

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Hello all, I'm having trouble finalizing my Wii homebrew install. If I'm in the wrong place here or in the wrong period I'm sorry for posting.

I have done this before on two other Wiis but right now I'm really confused. The Wii i'm working on is a LU11 S/N Model Number RVL-001 with SM4.3U, first production if I'm not mistaken, and it CAN currently read offical Wii disc and Gamecube disc.

For some reason I can't install BootMii on boot 2, dunno if this is completely hardware related or if due to 4.3U SM.

Previously I used cIOScorp for backup loading, due to personal preference. I used the letterbomb method to install Homebrew Channel and BootMii, as IOS and which I have backup the NAND. Then I installed cIOS, d2x v8, then updated IOS236. Also installed priiloader and setup the update blocks. Loaded NeoGamma to test before installing cIOScorp/Darkcorp and NeoGamma reported an error and drive is too new for DVD-Rs. The backups I'm using are games that I own and that I personally backed up myself and thus used these disc before on about four different Wiis, so I know they work. Then I installed Darkcorp, its made my homebrew channel turn upside down and I still have no success in loading backups either from the disc channel or neogamma. I have attempted to use USB Loader GX, but the USB drive I was using is "unstable", need to try another drive I have, but never the less, I want to be able to use my disc that I have made. Found another guide, anywii, and followed the steps and downgraded to 4.1U. Rinse and repeated all other installs via the guide and still have no success on either disc channel, neogamma, and USB loader gx (need to try other drive tho). If anyone can give me some pointers, I'd really appreciate it.
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Sounds like a new drive revision that wont read copied disk's
Yeah...guess I'm just in denial. Pretty sure your right ><.
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