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Wii won't read scrubbed games

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My daughters wii is hard chipped with a WiiKey2 but for some reason will not play any game that has been scrubbed. Any disc burned from a scrubbed game basically becomes a coaster. The firmware on her Wii is 4.2u. Is there anything I can do to fix this?
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After hours of research I found that the wii was updated to 4.3 and that the firmware was no longer allowing region free playing. The games I was trying to use just happen to be all pal games. My solution was to softmod the wii and load neogamma which allowed it to bypass the region code and play pal games.
Hopefully you have installed priiloader in order to block all future updates by nintendo or else you will be back to square one with one of the future games when it asks you to update and you press yes accidentally.
Yes i installed the priiloader because I know my daughter will update the Wii without asking
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