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wiiflow not always loading game

I have been Using Wiiflow for some time now and ever since I Bricked and restored My NAND some times when I click play the game never loads. Just Black screen. I then Power down the Wii, Restart Wiiflow, Chose game in question, then it works. This is one of the reasons since I restored my NAND that as I follow Guides I hand wright the step as I preform them so I have a history of what was done between NAND Backup. I'm Thinking I maybe missing some files but then this should never work.

Hard Drive: SimpleTech 250G Signature Mini ICE
Wii: V4.1U
WiiFlow: V1.0 Using Forwarder

I have also have installed USBLoader GX R600 as a Channel but have not kept the setting up to date for the newest games. I may have to Record the setting and try moving back.
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