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ASPI Layer In Nero & The Nero Infotool Tab

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Dear Contributors,

This may help people having trouble with DVD RW Drives not recognizing CD-Rs (Retail/Backups)

Firstly, Win XP does not ship with an ASPI Layer - However, experts indicate installing an ASPI layer (Adaptec & Nero) is a good idea if you wish to upgrade the DVD Drive's firmware. (Firmware upgrades can solve issues when installing older drives).

Secondly, two versions of ASPI layer are available (and can sit on the same operating

These 2 versions are:

Nero ASPI - Latest Version unknown
Adaptec ASPI - Latest version 4.71a2

NeroInfo Tool Version 4.03 definitely has the ASPI Tab (I've seen a picture of the program online). However, I cannot find this version for download anywhere (even on Nero Website).

If anyone knows where I can download this old software, I would be grateful.

Upgrading Win XP / Nero

On SONY tech support site, it advises to apply all Windows Updates, ensure the Nero and Adaptec ASPI files are not corrupt and install your drive alone as a MASTER on Secondary IDE channel (using PIO mode).

Kind Regards, NB
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Dear Contributors,

Big thank you to attar for Nero Info Tool 4.03!
It's a small download and worked immediately (even though I have Nero 9 installed)

Curiously, Nero Info Tool 4.03 reports I have no Nero ASPI installed on my system (although I read somewhere Nero ASPI is installed with Nero automatically)?

In my case, I could not get a SONY DW-D22A Drive to recognize CD-R discs (retail/backups). I suspect the fault is hardware related due to a number of reports Nero "freezes" when burning CD-Rs on this SONY drive.

My solution was just to fit another drive. I could attempt to repair/replace SONY DW-22A lens and parts but I noticed DVDs do not playback smoothly either.

Adaptec ASPI:

I also had two issues with Adaptec ASPI which may be of interest:

1. Adaptec Version 4.71a2 does not update all the files on the system - Not sure why, I followed the instructions carefully. (There are 4 in all, only 2 update to 4.71a).

2. Adaptec file: aspi32.sys caused a BSOD error 0x0000008E error on my aging XP system so I removed it with KILLASPI (part of ForceASPI).

Not totally sure why aspi32.sys caused a system error, possibly due to file being "legacy" 1999 file - In other words, redundant on XP and later Windows systems.

I still don't know how to install Nero ASPI - thoughts welcomed.

Kind Regards, NB

PS: Sorry, couldn't upload picture of Nero Info Tool 4 for interested contributors.
There are two selections possible - Nero ASPI, "System" APSI - Nero Info Tool 4 checks and displays both.

Link to pic: link
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My stripped-down XP has no aspi installed.
I use ImgBurn to burn disks without problems.
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