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Burning FLAC in Nero 8 and Nero 9

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I've tried literally everything I can find on the net to get Nero to read and burn FLAC but nothing works. I've tried opening up Nero through the Burning Rom rather than SmartStart, I've tried adding the program file nxMyFLA to the audio plug ins, I've tried downloading FLAC frontend but nothing will work. This is very frustrating and especially so considering that earlier versions of Nero burned FLAC very easily. I've even heard people claim that Nero 8 and 9 support FLAC out of the box, so I'm just at a loss. I'm a little confused because my computer lists both Nero 8 and 9, but 8 doesn't have a plug in folder. Any help would be appreciated.
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I ran across a FLAC file once. Not much experience with them. However, was able to burn it to disc using ImgBurn (free).

If all you want to do is burn it to a disc, give this program a try.
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