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Having Problem putting 2 movies in 1 disc

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I am having problem putting 2 main movies into one disc.
i am using 4.7blank disck and the movies wont fit my target space.

any suggestions.
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two movies on one 4.7g disk is a lot.i cant see the quality being good at all even if you could get them both on.have you tried dual layer disks?
Try shrinking them to manageable size first.
convert x normally does a good job on 2 avi's
1) What program are you using to encode the videos?
2) Select the largest size you can in the program and let it encode. Once it is done encoding, download and install dvd shrink. Once dvd shrink is installed, open dvd shrink and run the dvd video threw it. it will recode the video so it fits on a 4.7gb dvdr.

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The problem is you have given' stuff all details of what format the movies are in,what program your using to shrink if at all,including the actual size of those movies in gb & what sort of quality you expect

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