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How can I include a folder ....??

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I have created a DVD disc ( with VIDEO_TS & AUDIO_TS folders) which burns well using Nero
Burning Rom v9.4.13.2 . I would like to include another folder which contains all the photos & video clips used in the DVD creation project ( i.e. .jpg & .mpg files) in the same DVD disc . Apparently, Nero refuses to burn a DVD-video with this inclusion .

I know for a fact that some DVD creator softwares allow this option ( For example , "MemoriesOnTV" v4.1.2 ).

Is there a way to add a photo folder into a Nero DVD-video project ?
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Haven't used Nero for years:so if this helps.
Originally posted by attar:

Yes, it works great now !! Thank you so much for the link .
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