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Menu buttons do not work on Nero 12 project

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I have been using Nero 12 Video to make a year-end DVD for my daughter's cheer team. I am a newbie on Nero 12 (this is my first significant project) so forgive my ignorance if I say something stupid. The DVD is a combination of video clips and slide shows with music backgrounds. I was able to burn a disk for the year end banquet, but wanted to make a few tweaks before I distributed the disks. One of the things I wanted to do was add a chapter menu to skip to various chapters that I have set up on the project. I was able to do so, and the buttons work great in the Preview mode before burning the disk. However, once I burn the disk, all of the buttons go to the start of the project rather than the points in the project that they are linked to. Any ideas? I tried to get some assistance from Nero support and they had me update my Nero files. It did not fix my issue with the buttons, but now I am getting an error message that my project is too large for the disk I am burning to. I have deleted several sections of the video but can't seem to get the error message to go away. It says that I need to get down to 4.38GB, but then it also says that my project is 4.38GB. The disk manufacturer indicates that the disk has 4.7GB of space. I went ahead and burned a disk anyway and all of the files seem to be on the disk, but the menu buttons do not work like they do in the preview screen. Any idea what I am doing wrong?
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Have you tried the Nero forum for help?

I don't think there are many on Afterdawn using the software.

Are you testing the burned disk on a standalone player.
Does the burned disk play ok using a decent media player on the PC (MPC is the only one I trust for menu testing).

I assume you've created the project more than once?

The only thing I can offer is to have you open the VIDEO_TS folder in PgcEdit and verify that the chapters do exist and that the menu buttons are actually linking to them.
This shows button # two linking to Chapter 2.

I did post on one Nero forum, but did not get much help from that site yet so I thought I would expand my search. I have burned several disks, and tried to make some changes to the menu setup to see if it made any difference. I played the disks on three different computers and two different DVD players. All of them work OK except for the menu buttons. I will look into pgcEdit and see if that gets me anywhere. Thanks for your efforts.
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