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Nero 7 Essentials and Nero 12

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I also have problems installing my Nero 7 Essentials, which stops with an error report at around 75% completion. I had upgraded my computer to windows 7 and reinstalled Nero with out any problems. When the mother Board went bad, I replaced it, tried re-installing nero, and have had nothing but problems. NOTE this: there isn`t any serial number for my Nero 7, and nowhere during installation does it ask for one! I have a CD key with my Nero 6, but windows 7 reports that Nero 6 isn`t compatible, before I even get to where it might ask for the CD key(serial number).
I even downloaded nero clean software, which also stops with an error report at around 70% complete. I also tried loading the software into a completely different computer which has windows 7, using the same DVD writer which came bundled with the nero software, and same problem. Also, neither windows nor nero clean software can remove the partially complete software from the computer hard drives. I am trying the nero 12 software on 15 day trial, and though it works, for my application it is severely cumbersome to use compared with the nero 7. I will investigate other CD/DVD writing software to see if anything is comparable with the easy-to-use Nero 7, as I have already tried other cumbersome software by other manufactures which works similar to the new Nero 12--dont like any of them yet.

I feel for the other guy who gave up, as I am now going to do--Might try one more thing, reload windows and install nero 7 before windows puts in it 100+ updates!

I believe that somewhere along the line, windows updates has installed software which negates the nero 7 software.
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What are you trying to achieve with Nero? We can probably recommend easier alternatives.

As far as removing the remnants of broken software, try deleting it yourself from Program Files and then run some clean up programs like CCleaner. I have no idea why you're having issues installing it, but that's probably something you can Google.

Tried googling--absolutely no help. Lots of people with the same problem, but no answers, unless you go through Microsoft, where they have a "partner" who supposedly for a fee of $29.99 will correct the 820 errors found on my computer which had just been loaded with new Windows 7 software. I wasn`t born yesterday, and I`d bet they wouldn`t fix a thing!
Tried many different free trial and free software. Some work but are cumbersome or parts absolutely do not work.
My needs are simple--Just drag and drop data files to back up my Quickbooks, document files, and video(picture) files.
Tried Windows 7 again in the right format(make data disk) and it worked just as easily as Nero had in drag and drop format!
I do not have a music or movie studio, and for those people who do, the Nero 12 may be the greatest thing since "Moms apple pie", but for my simple needs, the answer is Windows built in WRITER software, where it doesn`t care what type recorder you have or require lots of extra money to get a really over the top program of which I will never use most of the higher functions.
It hadn`t ocurred to me to use Windows 7 functions because years ago Nero was king, and using 95, and 98SE, propreitary software was necessary. Now that I`ve been enlightened, I will pass along this info to all the many people having trouble with the Nero software. Yeah to Microsoft
Thanks for your input.
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I was having a lot of problems and ran this program. It fixed all the problems that I had with my Windows and running other programs.. CCleaner works good to remove the remnants of other programs.

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Thanks for the info JST1946. Today I purchased a "Windows Cleaner" Cd which also optomizes windows. It is made by "COSMI" for $10.00. Got it at Office Max. Their web site is "WWW.COSMI.COM" This program successfully found and deleted all the junk left behind from the failed NERO 7 software in the Registry. I`m pleased.

The Nero Cleaner I downloaded from the Nero web site halted with errors the same as the Nero 7 software--so in the ADD/Remove list Nero 7 was still listed even though there were no program files anywhere, so it made sense that the problem was in the registry.

Now I just have to run the 'Cosmi" program on my Windows 7 64 bit machine to fix the Nero garbaged registry on that machine as well.

Thanks again.

Your welcome Rich. Glad it was able to get rid of your problems and headaches.

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*pounces ripper*

bbwwaaiinnsssss *nomnomnom* Dumb q but what was that old DVD ripping,making program that was very simple to use? I can't remeber it ><

IAll I can recall was it was very simple yet powerful and did was not udated enough to decrpt new videos but this was years ago. Or should I just ripper/maker software going these days LOL

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