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Nero Video 11 - Can I configure the default settings?

Hi all,

This is my first post here although I have visited After Dawn many times in the past.

I am a long time user of Nero Vision 4 for creating my own DVDs from various avi files. I recently switched to a new computer with Windows 7 and NV4 is no longer supported. So I installed Nero 11 Platinum.

One of the functions I use most is making custom menus for each disc I burn. Nero Video 11 is much more flexible in that regard than Nero Vision 4, BUT there are some things that become tedious and aggravating after a while. So I'm wondering if there is some secret way to configure the default settings to be more in line with what I normally use.

For example, NV11 starts every project with the action at the end of a file to "return to menu" whereas I always want "play next selection". There are other things such as "display picture" for buttons which I have to go and switch on every time for each button. There are several other details where I do not like the pre-set defaults.

If I set up a menu the way I like and save it as a template, those settings mentioned always revert to defaults when I open the template for a new project.

I have looked in the configuration options, but only minimal changes are allowed there, such as default path names and so forth. Has anybody figured out how to manipulate such things?

One more thing that I don't like in NV11 is the loss of the ability to take snapshots when previewing the video. I relied on that a lot in NV4 to make menu backgrounds. Now I have to open VLC viewer to take my screenshots and then open them in NV. Irritating.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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