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Which version to purchase for Windows 7 OS....?

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Hey folks

Haven't been on AD in a LONG time.

My PC crashed & just purchased a new one.
Currently have AnyDVD & CloneDVD reinstalled on my new PC...BUT on my old Windows XP PC
I also had NERO version

I really like using Nero Recode instead of CloneDVD for backing up movies that run over 2 hrs in length.

I also use Nero Express for backing up Music CD's.

Which is the NEro I need to buy to get these to run on my windows 7 PC now....??

Where's the cheapest place to buy them as well....?

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If you had a version that you bought before. You may be able to just pay for the upgrade.
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The version I had was a cracked copy from about 7 years ago.

Doubt I'd be able to update it

AMD Phenom II X4 3.2Ghz
16GB memory
AnyDVD & CloneDVD
or get v10 or 11 nero from where you got last

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Console Mod Tuts:

I prefer ConvertXtoDVD, myself. Easy to use, powerful (and good-looking menu options), and the compression routines work very well. You can generally fit 2 full-length movies onto one DVD, without appreciable quality loss. It also re-encodes pretty fast.
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