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Adding Subtitles to different Vobs in DVDlab Pro


I need some help with this project.

Here is a gist of what I am looking to do:

I copy parts of various movies into respective Vobs and then put them on one dvd with DVDLab Pro. (so I may have 16 'movies' for example and then I create a menu for each one). Now I would like to add subtitles for each of them. I have pulled them into separate .srt files through SubRip. I am even able to add them to the respective movie in DVDLab by importing and saving the sp1 file.

When I compile and then burn the dvd, the subtitles don't appear in the DVD player or even on the computer. Not sure why?

When I try to run SubRip on the new compiled DVD, it comes up blank for some movies and it comes up for some. So obviously the DVDLab is not putting the subtitles on properly.

Btw, there is only one Subtitle track per movie.

My thinking is that this is due to the time codes and or something else. Help appreciated.

Here is what I do:

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