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cut a vob file with embeded subtitles

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I have a dvd with a movie, which has subtitles in several languages. The dvd has 2 folders VIDEO_TS and AUDIO_TS.
Is there any program I can use in order to cut a few scenes fron the movie and the corresponding subtitles?
PS I have tried to open it with the TSUNAMI program. I can cut it but I loose the subtitles. I have also tried to open it using avidemux, I can cut it, but I cannot save it as a movie.
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DVD Shrink can be used to select scenes.
You would open the VIDEO_TS folder and load the movie.
Click the Re-author button.
Drag 'Title 1' from the right to left pane.
Click the selection thingies and select the first part you want to keep.
Again, drag 'Title 1' from the right to left pane.
Again, click the selection thingies and select the second part you want to keep.
Repeat as required then click 'Backup' to save the result.
Note that on playback there will be a slight pause between the selections.

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