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problem adding .srt files to WMV using AVIAddXSubsith

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I have not used the subject program in a long time. When I did, all I had to do was match the .avi and subtitle files exactly with different extensions. I recently began using it again but am having problems with adding .srt files to WMV vids for playback in an external DVD player. I have no problem with VLC on my PC---I open it, go to the video drop down menu, select track, and must open the .srt file with windows os after going thru a 5-6 step process.

I next download to a thumb drive, plug into the DVD player and get only the movie w/o subtitles. I wrote for assistance to AVIAddXSubs and their response (excerpted) was as follows;
"Just put video and same name srt together and use the program. This is needed to do with hardware media players."

Didn't work for me. I sent another message asking for additional clarification but have not received a reply.

Can anybody simply the process for me?

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AFAIK, it only works with the avi not wmv.
Hi Attar:

Thanks for the info. I thot that may be the answer.

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