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Wife's new ipod touch with husband's account

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My wife got a Ipod touch gen. 4 and I want to set up itunes and download certain music from my itunes account to her device. How do I go about that without deleting my itunes library. could anyone help me. thanks
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Why would itunes let you do that? Everything you bought is fairly low bit rate and copy protected. You would need to remove the copy protection off the tunes on your computer then use third party sync software to load them on a different device.

If you buy the CDs then rip them with something other than itunes yourself you can pick your bit rate an not copy protect them. They would be yours to do with as you like.

By the way, while the tunes are copy protected you can lose all your music and have to repurchase them. That is not unusual. People want to remove the DRMs after they lost their music. That is not possible you can only remove them while they are playable.
I have 2 different IPods and they are both synced to the same ITunes account and I manually manage the music that goes on each. You would have to use the same email and password but that is minor. Also, somewhere on your computer, probably the music folder, is a copy of all the music in your ITunes acct; some 3rd party appa will probably be your best bet.
iTunes will let you copy the same song on to 2 different ipods???? I will believe you can have two ipods with different tunes on each.

Chewbakka sounded like wants to put the same music on both maybe I am wrong. He wasn't very clear.
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