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Does Cowon iaudio 10 have gapless playback?

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Hi folks, am looking to replace my creative zen x-fi style as am fed up that this does not support gapless playback, I have been looking at cowon's mp3 players and have heard good things about the sound quality but haven't been able to find much info regarding whether they support gapless playback, does anyone here own one or know whether they are capable of playing tracks with gapless playback? Any help would be much appreciated thanks!
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A 10 buck mp3 player has good sound if you use good ear buds. What would interest me is if it will keep running for a year or more. I wouldn't think of buying it if I couldn't get at least a year warantee. Chipods are notorious for short lives. They have come along way. In the bad old days some were DOA. The rest died after a few plays. Who knows maybe they might last a year by now.

Check out an ipod at the ipod store and see if you like that. They may be the only brand with a good name that will support gapless playback and likely the only brand. That is not a popular feature.

Oh and NO the cowon 10 does not support gapless playback that I can see. The some of the 9s do.
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