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Deleting a Windows7 user profile with Ubuntu

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Hi all, I've a Win7 laptop with a corrupt administrator profile: group policy client services failed the logon (password Failed). This is the only administrator profile. A guest profile is working with ok no password. I am running Ubuntu from a DVD to navigate to the Win user files. Can I fix or delete the Win7 Admin profile successfully and will I then be able to set up a new Admin profile from a guest profile?
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No! guest has no admin privilege you could try using hirens boot cd (software section here at AD) to remove password then see what happens once you attempt login,another option use recovery console to repair,personally i'd reformat & reinstall using the recovery option then run easeus todo backup (system backup) option & create images at intervals

manually removing admin account manually would require coding knowledge & where registry settings are

to find out how to access your recovery partition check comps manufactures website

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Most win7 startup problems are solvable by using win7-recovery option (most of them save data, and if not, they will tell you). Just find out how to get to your recovery. Guugla.

If you want to save the profile and files... well just try "chkdsk /R c:" on recovery console, it might just work for you.

If not... Check partition defaults. Some Win7 updates change def.partition letter from (invisible)?: to c:. Meaning your main is changed from ?: to c:. It will make problems.

I'we seen this before, but there are many possibilities - unless you give more info on the problem.
too late i suspect topic is 3 months old

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