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i cant mount my internal hdd in backtrack 3

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ok let me start by saying im trying to learn about security i just enrolled in wifu class offered by remote-exploit and am trying to learn as much as possible to become certified i installed backtrack 3 on a live sd card and hacked my own wep key now i am trying to hack my vista account i have done this same process with the install dvd coping the cmd.exe to to the utilman.exe but whe using the backtrack commands :


cd sda1

cd windows

cd system32

mv utilman.exe utlman.old

cp cmd.exe utilman.exe

i cant mount my hard drive it dosen't exsist i boot the versa kde version and after typing:
cd /mnt/
cd sda1

only the /boot and /bt3 folders are there no hd1 or windows what am i doing wrong?

ps im not trying to hack anyone elses pc this thred should bee seen as a for information purpose only and any ill intentions could cause you lots of legal trouble
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So if you are taking a course from remote-exploit I guess you didn't read the terms and conditions carefully enough.

The information you are after is something you can find by researching it. We will not do your coursework for you.. that defeats the object. In these circumstances it makes no difference whose pc or user account you are trying to "hack" .. the information is restricted.

So you can't mount a fista drive with backtrack?.. have you read the distro faq before being lazy and posting here?.. It does explain how to mount winduhz drives.. and it isn't done in the way you are trying.. I don't believe BT has native NTFS support..

↓↓↓↓↓↓ can't post but can edit.. the fact that google brings this up second is just because of how big afterdawn is.. and the other fact that this is by agreement among the hacking community that this information is restricted,..

I will not share this kind of information.. even by pm.
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ok thank no native support that helps i have not enrolled in the other courses yet they cost around $700.00 each and mounting drives are not part of wifu i skipped the pentesting 101 big mistake any further help would be appericated if i need to remove anything from my posts let me know im used to a bit more liberal forum i don't want to disrespect this forum by breaking any rules any additional info posted or pvt message would be appreciated thank you

the fact searching this question brings up this post second in google after 20 seconds of posting should tell you something
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