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How to transfer iPhone contacts to my iMac ?

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Recently I have trouble with my new iMac and iPhone. I can successfully synced the music files from my iPhone to Mac. The question is that my contacts that are still on the iPhone - How do I get these into my Address Book on the iMac? Do you have any ideas??
Help pls!!
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You need to set your Address Book to simply sync with your iPhone. This will transfer your iPhone contacts to your Mac. You might also be interested in this thread:
You should just be able to connect the iPhone to the iMac via the USB cable. iTunes should detect the iPhone immediately, and start the sync. I use Windows on my computers, iPhone syncs right away via iTunes. It should be even easier with a Mac.
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Yes the Same Problem i was facing but hope that the solution penned above will be helpful in solving the Problem....
Do you use G mail?

I don't use associate iPhone however everything syncs through to G mail on behalf of me. i used to be able to found out my i Mac's address book and calendar to mechanically synchronize and my BB is that the same.
So I am having the same problem. The few connections I had supported up on my iMac from my old iPhone were moved to my new iPhone with the synchronize, however, non of my new connections that I have joined into my new iPhone personally are syncing to my iMacs deal with guide. Its like a one way road where all the details goes to the cellphone but no details creates its way to the iMac deal with guide.
There is an even simpler way if you do not have IOS5 simply connect iPhone to your iMac, open iTunes, and under the info tab, the very top option is to Sync Address Book. Select this and alter the setup as per your requirements and hey presto, you have fully synced contacts..

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