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acer m3970 E Recovery problems win 7

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I have an acer M3970 windows 7 home premium, The problem i am experiencing is i shut the pc down all was ok (no new hardware or software added) it hangs on start up at the windows logo, restart the option's come up recovery start up or start windows normally, i tried recovery start up left it for a few hours it does nothing. I booted the recovery dvds made from the pc as it came with 4 blank dvd's (make your own) reloads everything restart pc and it hangs at the windows logo screen again, tried recover windows keep user settings, and factory reset same results bottom option says i cant do the more aggressive reset as there are files on drive C: (the OS) phoned acer they want to pick it up next week fifty quid to have a look at it said i cant sort this myself, there is a recovery partition and another partition on it. all hardware unplugged except mouse keyboard monitor.

any ideas

was using avast, zonealarm, spybot, spyware blaster. its a 64 bit processor

thanks in advance

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desktop or laptop? sounds like windows is corrupted so needs to be reloaded. how many sticks of ram because if more then 1 then try 1 stick at a time to see if windows will load\install? if desktop pc, do you have or can borrow a hard drive to see if windows will load onto it as maybe you hd has bad sectors preventing windows from loading or installing. ran into that a couple of times on customers' computers.
desktop only have pata hard drives this is a sata i have an adapter to make is sata but wrong power adapter, i made recovery dvd'd but never had a system CD


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try this instead being you can't get into windows.
got into it again after another reinstall, run a scan error checking and it reports a bad sector, file segment unreadable 76124, acer say on the website that you need the recovery partition as it does not come with a system CD, it did come with 4 blank dvd's to make a recovery disc set. On the acer website it says only acer at the factory can they do the recovery partition. every hard drive i ever want to put in this pc now will be from acer i guess, Pretty gutted about that.

am i stuffed

Originally posted by ddp:
try this instead being you can't get into windows.
did that, cant do second part never had system cd

don't need system dvd to use my link as that has to do with the 2nd partition which is the recovery partition. being your recovery disks work as able to boot from the 1st disk then get a new hard drive from local computer store as you do not hace to buy the acer hard drive as they do not make them but buy them from hard drive manufacturer like seagate & western digital. had to do that for 2 customers as their hard drives crapped out with the recovery partition on them.
third option on the recovery disc is an option i cannot use as there are files on the hard drive it says "Please remove all files off the hard drive to continue and a box saying ok, you click ok and goes back to the recovery console, one tech said thats for new hard drives, is he right can i just buy a new hard drive put it in use the third option, i want a partition and basically set it up like last time.

will this work? on a new hard drive.

If the ability to reinstall from the previous method is not available or fails, recovery of the Operating System will need to be from Recovery Media. If you do not have a set of Acer Recovery Media, you may purchase the set online from the Acer Recovery Media Order Form..

Note: If your computer does not have an internal optical disc drive, an external optical disc drive will be required in order to recover the Operating System using Acer Recovery Media.

Restart the computer.
When the Acer logo appears on the screen, press the F12 key repeatedly to enter the computer's Boot Menu.
Press the CD-ROM drive eject button and insert the disc labeled System CD.
Close the CD-ROM tray.
Refer to on screen instructions to select either CDROM or USB CDROM.
The computer will boot from the Acer Recovery Media
When prompted for the Recovery CD, remove the System CD and insert the Recovery CD.

Note: If there are multiple Recovery CDs, please insert the first of the Recovery CDs.
After the system recovery application has loaded, follow the prompts to reinstall the Operating System.

Note: if your computer is unable to run the Acer Recovery process, or errors occur during recovery, please contact Acer support.
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do i need the hidden partition PQSERVICE, and the recovery partition

as long as your recovery disks work then no you don't need the recovery partition. your recovery disk will work on a new blank hard drive or even on a used hard drive with info you don't need on it.
got new hard rive its installing now
new hard drive all sorted, thankyou and thank god it wasnt a new pc
no problem.
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