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Encountering numerous laptop issues

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Basically for the past few weeks I have been experiencing what seems like an ever expanding list of problems with my HP Pavilion g6. Some of these are:

- Laptop slows/hangs frequently, resulting in issues such as music playback being audibly affected (stopping, jumping constantly) without any noticeable CPU/RAM hog and issues with using Windows Explorer (non responsive, issues with loading chrome).

- Sporadic shutting down of the laptop usually associated with overheating.

- The very occasional blue screen.

The laptop in question is a HP Pavilion g6, 6GB RAM, i5 2.4ghz processor, Win7 Home Premium 64bit. Had it for about a year now. Not sure whether this is likely to be a hardware or software issue which is why I need help diagnosing the problem and fixing it without having to reinstall Windows. Thanks in advance!
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give it a blast of air around the cpu fan & vents as seen that resolve similar issue with a customer's laptop.
Have done this but no difference in performance noted. Could the hard drive be causing this? Most of the segments are unreadable when running CHKDSK.
yes a bad drive with bad sectors can cause windows to be slow as ran into that with a customer. only found that out when running scandisk he had bad sectors.
Sectors, not segments obviously. Cheers. Is getting a new hard drive the only remedy or is there something else I can do?
get new drive to save you the aggravation of sick drive.
Thanks for the help.
no problem
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