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Hard Drive Compression

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I have a friend who managed to compress his HDD, the thing is, he compressed the HDD with his OS on it. Now it won't boot. Every time he tries he gets the screen "NBCQR is compressed press ctrl alt del to restart". Even with a Windows disk in the disk drive with boot priority set to the drive, he still can't get passed that screen. Any idea on what he can do?
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laptop or desktop?
Desktop. Running Windows 7.
run the drive as a slave\secondary to see if can recover his data like documents, pictures, music, favorites & any downloads before doing a system recovery if namebrand computer or fresh install if retail windows.
Sorry for the late response, he finally got back to me as we live far apart these days. Anyways, the problem is solved. He got a 3rd hard drive, in which I found out he had two in his system that he had compressed, and he installed Windows on the new drive and was able to decompress the drives. closed.
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