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After a fresh install of XP PRO using my OEM CD with SP2, IE6 gives various errors when I open it. Mostly "ENCOUNTERED PROBLEM,MUST CLOSE" or "CANNOT OPEN WEB PAGE". In the former case the browser will not stay open long enough to install IE8. In the latter case the browser tool bar and address bar remains with a "CANNOT DISPLAY PAGE" on screen. With the browser intact I can install IE8, which I wanted anyway. If I install any and all drivers from a resource CD either OEM or third party, will that reactivate IE6? I would like to continue using my OEM CD to install XP as opposed to cloning a spare HDD. Do not want to keep the cover removed. If the CD will work I do not mind the time it takes to reload the apps that follow. Solutions please.
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can you download ie8 onto a usb and install that way? my big question tho is why ie at all? but to each their own.
rtrg, ie6 won't come back unless you uninstall ie8. those errors might be caused by the sites you are going onto in that they don't work with ie6 anymore. after installing xp pro sp2. also install sp3 before installing anything else including ie8 which i still use.
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