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Java virtual machine error while installing matlab ?

I have got matlab r13...While am trying to install matlab in my system its givin me error saying "installer needs a newer version of Microsoft java virtual machine" yes to install and no to exit the installer..So i click yes and install it , afterwards it asks for restart and so i restart the sys...Again wen i open the setup its asking me the samething like to install java again...How many ever times i install it wont work so am not able to proceed with matlab installation...I tried in xp and windows 7 too both dont work...the same thing i get..
Dont say installation is corrupt bec my friends installed the same copy it works..
I tried removing all java from add/remove programs n also wont work..
please get me a solution coz monday i got exam
..Please anyone help me installing this matlab
This matlab version is 6.5
I hope i wil get a solution herre
thank you
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