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Okay, so, I am a HUGE fan of Nickelodeons animated series, "Robot And Monster". I am such a big fan that I am planning on making my own DVD of all of the shows episodes. I want to do this by downloading all of the episode files from Nickelodeons servers, only I need help with this part. I have managed to locate all of the episodes on Nicks server (Nickelodeon uploads all the episodes to the site after they air, then takes ones down after a few week, but I searched through the server to find all of the ones that were taken off the site), but the problem is that they come up as embedded flash videos and I dont know how to access the actual video file so I can download it. Can someone PLEASE teach me how to do this? Also, please make sure that your method is legal, because I really dont feel like being sued by Nickelodeon any time soon. There has to be some (legal) way of doing this. I want to try using Firefoxs DownloadHelper add-on, but when I tried to install it it said that its not compatible with Firefox 17.0, which is what I have. Here is an example of a URL for the first episode:
PLEASE offer me as much help as possible, because I REALLY REALLY love this show. Thanks so much guys! :)

P.S. "Robot And Monster" is a really awesome show, but just for the record, it can never come close to SpongeBob, aka the BEST show ever, and whcih I am the worlds #1 Fan of.
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Try this and see if it works for you.

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