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Win7 can't detect second monitor

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My problem is with the detection of second monitor (TV) under win7. All was fine till recently. Before windows could detect my TV no problemo. I have downloaded this excellent till recently software (softXpand 2011 duo,) which basically creates an independent second workstation on my TV using single PC resources. Under trial it warked flawlessly. However, after updating to full version I started to experience this weird symptom:
When I start my PC, the picture starts booting on my TV till the windows logo sign and on win login screen it jumps to PC monitor. After login I cant detect my second monitor (TV) any more. Its just not in the screen resolution menu, neither in device manager.
Uninstalled the software but that didn't help. Gonna try to reinstall my display drivers, see if it helps but after that I'm basically out of ideas. Please help.

GPU: Nvidio 260GTS
Connections: 1. DVI to DVI (PC monitor), 2. DVI to HDMI (TV)

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Reinstalling display drivers helped though it was saying that the driver is up to date. Sorry for an early desperate cry for help.
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