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Latest Windows 7 updates disable my graphic card Catalyst Control System. How can I update without having it affecting my graphics card? Please advise
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it happened to me are a couple of sites to help you disable automatic windows driver intstallations.
6 steps are required to upgrade your graphic card in window 7.

1.Firstly you turn off your computer.
2.Open the CPU and locate the graphics card slots.
3.Plug the graphics card into the appropriate slot, close your computer, and replace any screws.
4.Turn on the computer
5.Choose Start→Control Panel→Hardware and Sound→Device Manager.
6.Click the plus sign next to Display Adapters, right-click the graphics card that you installed, and then choose Properties.

Berry Martin
berrymartin, that is not what norco1 is talking about. re-read his post again.
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