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Windows 7 task bar

I have windows 7 and have had it since RC and upgraded to the full version. My problem is the icons pinned at the bottom left. If you hover over it you see a small picture of the program or folder. Sometimes when I hover over say MSN messenger, IE8, or Yahoo Messenger the picture or the writing of the program doesnt show up. It expands for like a fraction of a second then cuts out. When I click it nothing happens, its a problem when you minimize a program and try to bring it back up and it wont maximize, you have to close the program out and reopen it to get it to work for the first time. Ive applied all the updates to the programs that have the problem. Anyone else run into this type of problem and know of a resolution. My friend sits right across from me and has never had that problem and we used the same OS CD.
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