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Windows 7 Ultimate keeps freezing only when downloading

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I have Windows 7 Ultimate. Runs fine until I download something & then it will freeze & nothing will unfreeze until I keep the power button pressed for 5 sec to shut off & then restart. I read about install Reginout to fix the problem. I habe downloaded this but then found out you have to purchase a key for it to fix anything. So forget that as I read elsewhere it is a scam. I have also downloaded hotfix for windows but this hasn't helped.
Can someone please help me resolve this issue?
many thanks
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Try this free program and run it.It fixed all my problems I had with mine.Make sure you do a backup first.
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Thanks but still freezes after trying this program, any other ideas?
vague on the question what other programs you using to download do they still do it,dump zonealarm put comodo in instead or it could be a spam filter in utorrent perhaps not enough ram

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what is your system specs & browser?
I use Bit Commet to download & the browser is Internet explorer.
system spec is
Intel core 2 duo E8400 2x 3.00GHz 1333Mhz FSB/6MB L2 Cache
8GB Corsair XMS2 800MHz
1TB Harddrive
Sapphire Radeon 6850HD
ie 8 or 9? can you try another browser to see if still freezes or not?
I had a problems with Internet Explorer freezing so I started using Google Chrome.

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ie9,the problem occur when im downloading done have to have a window open even
IE9 sucks try using Google Chrome and see if your problem stops.

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But like i've said it nothing to do with the browser. It when i'm downloading via bit comment?
can you use another browser & still use bit comment to see if still a problem or not?
Tried it with Google chrome & it didn't freeze. So do you hink it's because of Windows 9 browser?
if didn't freeze with chrome but does with ie9 then what do you think? try resetting ie9 in control panel in internet options under the "advance" tab.
came across this problem recently..(newsgroups and torrents together caused total system lockup) decided for myself that it was a common problem that has been around since xp-sp3.. namely.. lack of open sockets.. googled how to open more and followed advice.. seems to have done the trick, but as it's not my machine (won't have microshite junk in my house thanks) really don't know if it has solved it or not.. education on sockets needed?

different browser acting in a different way?.. that could be due to the respective number of established sockets it uses.. microsux browsers tend to use a lot.. class them as potential spyware and use open source.

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ive got ie on my computer tryed it once and was too slow to load google.firefox works great for told google chrome is faster but the add-ons arnt as compatable.
basically ie is an old outdated useless browser.
i'd say switch to firefox or chrome.

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thanks guys, I will try resetting ie 9 from control panel & also the second link from ps355528 and let Windows 7 fix the errors. I will update you later in the evening.
Hi guys
It worked ok for a few day but now it is freezing again. I have reset windows ie 9 aswell. It now sometimes just freezes when i'm not even downloading?
I quit using IE8 for that same reason.It keeps freezing.I only use Google Chrome now.

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other thoughts could be a bit of dodgy ram.. or even some overheating.. I think the hardware is too new to suffer from bad caps but it might be running out of juice under heavy load.

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