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XP PRO COA STICKER - how does it work exactly?

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Hi I am looking at second hand computers as at the moment I am having problems setting up my current pc up. However, I am looking for one which has a genuine Windows XP installed. I find many which mention they have the XP PRO COA STICKER on the computers would they be usable and legal to use?

Before I knew a little on what I was doing I purchased this on ebay..

Would I ever be able to use this legally or should I just get a refund?

Sorry as you can tell I am totally new to this so need the help to understand the best thing to do, legally.

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I find many which mention they have the XP PRO COA STICKER on the computers would they be usable and legal to use?
Likelihood is it's an OEM copy of XP that came installed on the PC, so by buying the PC second-hand I don't see why you aren't effectively buying the license to the OS too. It's not ideal though as the serials could easily have been duplicated etc.

As for the ebay thing, it may or may not be a legit copy of XP (probably is), but I don't know the legality of him actually selling it to you.

Let me explain the stickers you are refering to

the stickers only work with oem disk's of windows xp vista win 7 win 8 they will not work with a consumer disk however there is a cheat called nlite for xp machines and vlite for vista and win 7 machines

just search n lite through google it allows you to create a oem disk for windows xp vista and windows 7 even better it also allows unattended installation to be turned on where you just insert the key into the window the software displays and select oem and your done
didz04 Suspended due non-functional email address
Thanks for the replies.

I have had a search on the nlite and it seems to be an editing program?

I have found a seller on ebay who sells the computers on its own and already installed with the genuine windows xp pro + coa sticker. I think it would be the best choice for me.

Thanks again for the replies though.
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