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AVG Antivirus Email Scaner Is Turned Off / How Can I Turn It Back ON?

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The AVG antivirus runs 8.5 free version. For some reason it is turned off and I am not fully protected.
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might want to upgrade to avg 2012 free edition as that is at least 3 generations old.
I think they are good for a year then you have to get the latest version or get the pro version.
if you like it use it.i have had good luck with avira.and its free.
mouse over email scaner right click >open on the bottom check enable email scaner

<> double click on AVG
<> click on "Tools"
<> click on "Advanced Settings"
<> double click on "E-mail Protection"
<> click on E-mail scanning
<> check/tick on "incoming or outgoing" e-mail
<> click OK

Now you should be fine.... I put a check on "incoming" e-mail only to [check/scan] cause I know any e-mail outgoing is/are written by me.

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