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This is an open letter to newbies like me who had trouble with updating/activating avg FREE. I have 6 towers. Every time I have reloaded the OS, and then set up the desktop, AVG has always downloaded/installed/updated automaticaly. This time it did not update. "INVALID UPDATE FILE" multiple times. I wrote AVG to complain. The issue is to change your WINDOWS FIREWALL to "ANTI VIRUS NOT MONITORED". This will allow the update to function. I feel like such a dummy because this is the first time I came across this immediately after an OS reload/upgrade. Also I recommend running a scan immediately to avoid the annoying POSTPONE box. This same issue might prevent programs from downloading as well. I would check the firewall settings immediately after the reload. Lets you keep whatever hair you have left.
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I like Avira free better but thats not the point. Thanks for the advice I guess?

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