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AVG rebooting prompt?

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Hi I have a few concerns about this prompt I'm getting, supposedly from AVG. It keeps coming up saying I have to reboot my PC 'cause of some recent update. 3 things make me concerned.

1) I've never gotten this prompt from AVG before, and it's very aggressive coming up , over and over.

2) There where two of the AVG icons in the system tray at the same time. When I moused over where the first one had always been placed, it disappeared and now only the new one remains. Wondering if that indicates a virus thing.

3) I had an experience in the past with a virus that gets in trenched during the rebooting I 'm weary of surprise reboot prompts!

As far as the pre-emptive steps the stickies ask you to take, I haven't installed new programs because they need you to reboot,
which is what I'm worried about. BUT I used my Pre-existing Crap-Cleaner and SUPERANTISpyware and AVG to scan but found nothing.
I guess I'm just being cautious, but thought I should come and ask:

Does this prompt sound normal? Is the two system tray icons thing happen all the time?

Thanks for any feedback.

P.S check task Manager and found 'avgchsvx.exe.old' as the only process that didn't show up in searches.
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I suggest you reboot in safemode and do a full scan. (but before doing that update your programs database).
Also download malwarebytes and do a full scan on safe mode as well.

To me it looks like it could either a virus or spyware that has gotten into your computer and can only be deleted in safe mode.

Try that and if it keeps telling you the same thing after you have run both programs then un-install AVG and re-install it.
Doing all of this should fix your problem.
But I am betting you have either a virus or spyware somewhere in your computer.
Sometimes some antiviruses will not catch all viruses, that includes for all antiviruses.
Hope this helps :)
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Originally posted by attar:
See AVG Forum.
Yeah thanks attar, tons of people are having the same issue. It's not really a virus or malware ...just a bad software update. Looks like i'll have to wait for AVG to respond with a new update but at least I know it's safe to reboot my machine.
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