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Avira Rescue Disk in Vista 32 not able to scan-greyed out

I was able to scan in XP but when I tried in Vista32, it proceeded to load various devices and stopped at mounting device
and start scan was greyed out. I tried all 5 options. Spysweeper and Malwarebytes show me clean but Adaware always shows a bifrose or something similar trojan but always locks up when told to fix. I also had another possible trojan along with it. I am now running avira
antiVi3 3.0 removal tool. When I first opened the zip file, it asked me for a cd so I guess it made a boot cd but no like in the tutorial. I then right clicked the file after unzipping and now it is
running without installing.

I thought I read either on this board or another one about the avira rescue cd being greyed out when ran but didn't find it on my search here so I am open for suggestions or a possible link to fix the problem.
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